Handicapping Football

The first week of the NFL season can be a great way to start off the NFL betting season with some high profits. The odds makers don’t have much to base the lines on and will often be pretty liberal towards teams that should or could be sub-par. This year should be no different. 먹튀검증

Last year, we saw some week 1 lines that would make anyone jump at the chance for numbers like that at mid-season. For example, we saw New England facing the Jets to a line of Patriots -5. Final Score: New England 38 Jets 14. Now no one could have predicted the sheer dominance of the Patriots last season, but only giving them 5 points on the Jets seemed like an obvious bet for a big payoff.

This year we should see a couple interesting lines, as well. One game to watch out for already (remember these lines could fluctuate leading up to game day) are: Dallas over Cleveland at -3. The Cowboys haven’t lost much in the off-season and Cleveland hasn’t gained enough to make me believe they’ll upset Romo and Co. in their season debut – whether at home or not. This reminds me of the Pats/Jets game from last year as the Jets were coming off a wild card season, but just not enough power to stop a better team.

A game like this can make or break your football betting season. Don’t bet the bank because week one can be unpredictable, a weak line could give you some extra room to play in the following weeks.