CPAP Masks And Supplies For 2010

CPAP, which stands for ‘continuous positive airway pressure’ is a therapy method to treat sleep apnea. CPAP masks are used by patients while asleep, making it extremely bothersome. That is why great efforts are being made to make use of the best materials for comfort. Designs need to be less obstructive and more flexible. There are hundreds of designs to choose from and competition is stiff. Nevertheless, it will always continue to have new designs and better features to give comfort to the patients.

Every year, new designs are being launched by medical companies from various countries. Here’s a rundown of some of the cpap mask products launched this year. Each one promises better sleep experience and greater comfort.

CPAP Masks and Products for 2010

1) Weinmann NP15 is a nasal pillow mask launched early this year. It was created by one of the leading German manufacturers of homecare sleep apnea products. The NP15 promises a quieter sleep experience with a noise level of 15 decibels (db). A CPAP machine’s noise level is usually between 28 to 32 db. A severe snorer can reach 95 db or even higher. The NP15 cpap mask has an innovative feature such as flexible anchoring options and tube guidance. Normally, cpap masks are hard to move around when you’re shifting positions. This feature allows the user to shift the tube over his head or on the side while keeping the mask firmly in place. (Source:

2) Yes, even fashionable people can have sleep apnea. So what better way to wear cpap masks than to wear it with style. That’s what the company Circadian seems to be thinking when they created their SleepWeaver all cloth mask. This year, they have added two new colors for their products – camouflage and leopard. (Source: Tail Activewear Coupon

3) Simple Step is a new cleaner and disinfectant for CPAP masks. Distribution of this product started early this year by a company based in Dallas, USA. Simple Step is a multi-purpose surface cleaner which is odorless and contains no alcohol. It is a safe way to clean your mask and its also effective against fungus, bacteria and molds. Some cleaners are alcohol based, leaving a strong odor after cleaning. Others are citrus-based which cleans the mask but doesn’t sanitize. Simple Step both cleans and sanitize without leaving any smell. It is safe on the skin and will not deteriorate plastic or silicone. (Source:

4) Quattro FX is a new, smaller alternative to their full face mask. It was launched late this year by ResMed, a leading manufacturer, developer and distributor of sleep and respiratory medical equipment. They have diversified their Quattro range and added the smaller Quattro FX to their list of cpap masks. The Quattro FX provides more comfort and unrestricted view. This gives the user a clear line of sight. It has a contoured crown strap at the top of the head. This provides more comfort to the user by avoiding sensitive areas around the neck. (Source:

If you are under CPAP therapy, it would be beneficial for you to be updated with improvements on CPAP masks. It might give you better alternatives if you are having problems with the current one that you are using. CPAP masks are the most important part of the CPAP machine. Therefore, a little patience on researching the right kind will do wonders to your therapy.